Student Volunteers

Beginning in 2010, the HandsOn Chengdu Student Leadership Program has become a leading way to engage students on Chengdu's University Campuses., Well-educated, open minded and eager to help, students have all the basic qualities necessary to become a good volunteer, and the student leadership program is a chance to help guide a generation of future leaders who are socially responsible citizens, and through ongoing training, the development of student managed programs, and through the creation of a reward system, we will develop stable groups of student volunteers for periods of 2-4 years.

Supporting our goal at HandsOn to encourage volunteerism, our student volunteers donate their time to educate children, read stories to children at the hospital, play games with the kids! with elderly, and paint. It is a platform that now engages students at 3 universities, and has over 20+ projects each week for students to choose from

Why become a HandsOn Chengdu student volunteer?

  • We've done the foot-work for you by finding and scheduling high-impact projects at children's hospitals, schools, elderly care centers and other partners that need your help. Choose from 10+ opportunities a month!
  • You won't be on your own. Our projects are group-based, so you'll be working alongside your team. People who like you are young, full of energy, want to contribute to their community.
  • HandsOn student projects occur on weekdays and weekends,  to accommodate your busy school schedules and locations.
  • Through the HandsOn Chengdu student leadership program, you will have the opportunity to attend training sessions to help you develop new skills, attend networking events with Chengdu's business leaders, and (for our top student volunteers) have your resume included in a resume book we will send to our corporate partners.

What are the rewards of the student leadership?

  • Access to networking and training events that support students interests and needs

To learn more about our regular events, the first step is to read through our New Volunteer's Guide, create your HandsOn profile , join our Student group, and then attend one of regular orientation sessions at your campus.

Once you have completed these steps, then please go to our program calendar, and RSVP for your first event.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email us at volunteer (AT)